About Us

Architecture and design studio "Paradise Furniture" since its founding strives to reach out to several sectors and provide the highest quality and professional service to its customers.

Our activities are as follows:

  • Construction
  • Architectural design
  • Interior Design
  • Deliveries of furniture, lighting, flooring, doors and accessories from Europe and USA
  • Transportation services from Europe and through Europe

Deliveries of furniture, lighting, flooring, doors and accessories from Europe and USA

We are the ones who love to create beauty and to live it! We regularly monitor the development of the furniture market in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and USA, and we select the widest range of recent models of Italian and Spanish factories. We work with the most reliable and trusted manufacturers.

You can select the optimal model by yourself using our portal, or call our phones, and furniture or any accessory would be professionally selected by experienced designers and managers, delivered and installed in your home in the shortest possible time!

If you decide to pick up furniture for you by catalogues, we are always happy to see you in our studio, and you will appreciate our approach, attitude to our activities and the competitive advantages of our company. We are the ones who choose not quantity, but quality!

Transportation services

Our company also specializes in the transportation services from Europe to Russia, particularly to Moscow, and at the transportation within Europe, the so-called "local." We have several warehouses in Italy, Spain, Germany, and of course in Moscow, where all the cargo ships, after which it is delivered to customers. Transportation services are available for all the types of cargo, except for food and clothing.

Interior design and architectural design

This department of our company offers a full range of services in the field of interior design on a turnkey basis, ranging from the implementation of design projects of apartments, town houses, public spaces, offices, to carry out all construction works to finish on a turnkey basis with full equipped (household appliances, furniture, lighting, etc.).

Design project is a set of drawings by professional architects, designers and decorators, which needed to builders, finishers, suppliers, manufacturers and other contractors for quality execution of all complex works.

The design project consists of five steps:

  • A planning Project
  • Draft project
  • Working draft
  • Specifications
  • Author's supervision

Design project of a cottage, apartment or office will provide information on the cost of repair and, if possible, correct the budget by a set of used building materials and standard equipment. Design project is a guarantee of getting the client a comfortable and functional interior design of their facility without any extra financial costs and nerve during design of the interior.
The architects of our company using high quality construction and finishing materials are ready to create a truly creative design of shop, restaurant or office design, taking into account the specialization of your business and the surrounding space, creating a harmonious capacious design of building's facades. Our architects and designers will help you not to get lost in the variety of interior design and make the right choice.

Special offer - refurbishment and renovation of premises

Of course, to build in accordance with the specific requirements much easier than to engage in reconstruction of premises, which was originally not intended for specific functions. But investors do not go there, where it is easier, and where advantageous. That's why today is so vividly reconstructs the dormant facilities. Our company provides a full range of activities associated with the alteration and renovation of facilities. Alteration to premises involves the construction works in certain areas of the building when changing its functional purpose, without violation of the bearing capacity of capital structures. When reconstructing the premises usually dismantled all the interior design and engineering communications and on the basis of the approved project carried out rebuilding facilities, installation of new communications and finishing work. Work on reconstruction of facilities, including running in conjunction with works on alterations and improvements, allow for partial changes in the load-bearing structures and in the architectural appearance of the building. In accordance with Russian legislation, works on the reconstruction and refurbishment of premises, is necessary to match in the regulatory authorities. Our company's specialists are professionals in their field, have extensive practical experience in the implementation of approval procedures for Reconstruction premises, are capable of matching the optimal time to carry out the refurbishment permission in the municipal authority, to get permission for alteration of any room. Long-term experience of our staff in the restructuring of premises, allows us to tackle even the most complex tasks. Certainly, the reconstruction of the premises is not an easy task because you must fix all the inconsistencies in layout. However, creative designers and experienced architects help you find innovative solutions. Looking creatively at the problem of saving space, we'll create a custom design project of your room and make it a reality.

It can be:

Alteration of the administrative building, premises
Alteration of gaming halls (renovations casino)
Alteration of gaming halls as a shop or cafe, restaurant or boutique.

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